About Post Shout

Acting stupid through the night 
I am a victim of the light 
We get along so why cant they 
Having fun ouh everday 

We hit the road to where we flow 
Turn up the music till it blows 
Stay up late for one more show 
Playing till we hit the floor 

This is how it goes! 


Free to See 
Free to be waht I believe 
Ambitioning is just something I don't need 
And it's up tp me! Up to me! To be the me 
In this last call out for help! 

Send the parents out of town 
Chuck a big party just for fun 
Play our songs for everyone 
Just dont care if there all gone 

Conversation out off hand 
When old folks dont understand 
This not the 80'S! 
Nothing's gonna change us! 

If I carry on this way 
Will you get the picture 
To the life I wanna lead 
Not for tragedy! 

This is how it goes! 

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